type of typhoon

Typhoon or an equatorial cyclone is a structure of high winds and low pressure which transpires very frequently in the Pacific or Indian oceans. When ocean’s water temperature intensifies above 26.5 Celsius a periodic cyclone is triggered. The temperature rise also increases the low-pressure belt as well and that results in water vapors and humid air. These water vapors initiate the production of high heat. Heat absorbs the strong winds, shaping up a conoidal storm. These storms occur with heavy rains and huge waives. This coned shape system with high winds and water is known as typhoon. There are five different categories of typhoon. Depending upon their scale, timings and characteristics one can identify their mature. 5 type of typhoon:


1) Destructive Typhoon (category 5)

A destructive typhoon is represented by winds exceeding 155miles/h of speed. “Sepat” was announces as category 5, destructive typhoon, by Joint Typhoon Warning Centre. “Sepat” was the 8th equatorial (tropical) storm in 2007. It affected Philippines, Mainland China, Fujian and Taiwan to a great extent. It caused 43 deaths with over $600 million worth of damage.


2) Hurricane or an acute Typhoon (category 4)

This hurricane is accompanied by winds with a speed of 130 miles/h or moreand is reported to be one of the most dangerous storms of nature. It has the highest element of risks and that makes it a category 4 typhoon. The highest peak of this typhoon was recorded in 1979 with a width of 2,220 km. It highly impacted Japan and guan. With 99 people dead it is one of the fiercest typhoons of history. “Elsie” with 250km/h hit Hong Kong with violent thunderstorm in 1975, between 9 and 15th October.

3) Stong Typhoon (category 3)

With an organization if low pressure and winds between 105 to 120miles/h, a category 3 typhoon is triggered. South Korea was hit by “Maemi” in 2003, taking 117 lives and destruction worth of million. In October 2007 “Krosa” destructed Taiwan and china with 120miles/h of winds.


4) Tropical Strom (category 2)

With winds of 93miles/h to 67miles per hour a tropical storm is an organized destructive system of powerful thunderstorm that with violent progression. In 2001 Texas, USA was hit by category typhoon taking 41 lives with causing damage up to $5 billion. In 2009 another tropical typhoon “Molave” hit Hong Kong causing 5 deaths.


5) Equatorial Depression (category 1)

It sustains winds of 73miles/h, which can go up to 92 miles/h. It forms up a hurricane really fast in its first few level. “Morakot” affected Chine, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines n 2009. It is the last and the fifth type of typhoon ever recorded.


So here are five major type of typhoon that you can find in the history that has struck human kind all over the world.


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